Night Riots Tour + Interview 2018

Have you been following artists like Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, The Maine, Dreamers, or The Hunna for some time? Then, I’m sure you’ve heard of these guys in the American rock band, Night Riots from San Luis Obispo.

Right now the band are currently on their first USA headlining tour, and read below what you can expect from their live shows, and their plans for the rest of the year! Possibly magic tricks…?

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Interview by: Samantha Toy & Valerie McIntyre

Hi guys! How are you doing today?

Doing pretty good. Currently sick but the tour has been awesome.

You are currently on your second headline tour. Which city are you in as of now?

That’s right, we just got back from the UK and are on the US portion of our Dark Violet Tour. Right now we are sitting backstage at the venue in Atlanta.  It’s super hot and humid.  Ironically this venue tonight is called “Hell.”

You guys are familiar with being on the road. What is the best way to pass time, and who currently drives the most?

The road kind of becomes a purgatory. I try to stay off my phone as much as possible.  Reading and listening to books on tape and podcasts is good for long drives. We like to use our Tesla autopilot to drive us.

Throughout the years of being in Night Riots, what has been your favorite moment?

It’s so hard to name a favorite or even remember them all.  Being able to play our music to sold-out crowds on the other side of the world was pretty rad. But ultimately seeing and hearing how people have connected or been moved by our music is always the best.

How was your headline tour in the UK? Aside from the countries, will there be any changes to your live sets?

The UK headliner was amazing. We just started going over there for the first time about 6 months ago. So to be able to sell out shows and have rooms full of people singing our songs back to us is beyond words. The US set is pretty close to the UK set with a few tweaks, including a new song.

Over the past few months, you all have been working on new music. What can you tell us about it so far? Can we expect the music to be released in the upcoming months or next year?

We are stoked, we are always writing between tours and what not.  As all artists say, we feel it’s some of our best work. I feel it is fresh and minimalistic while still keeping the Night Riots vibe.  We are slowly just rolling out tracks right now but putting out an album this year is possible.

After this tour, what do you have planned next? Finishing up the new tracks?

Yeah, we are going straight back into the studio to finish up a bunch of songs we’ve been working on.

Which artists or songs are you listening to right now? Do you prefer Spotify or AppleMusic?

We are kinda all across the board.  We all love an artist called Vacationer. The new J. Cole album is tight. Between the two we’d choose Spotify.  They’ve been really good to us and we’ve been featured quite a few times.

What is your current guilty pleasure song?

It’s not so much a guilty pleasure but the song “Me and Michael” by MGMT.

Lastly, why should fans see you on tour? Will you have any magic tricks before the show?

How’d you know we love magic tricks? We all vanish at the end of the set.  I think if you’ve seen us before you can expect a more potent version of what we’ve done. And if not, we pride ourselves on having a dynamic set that transports you.  I think there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Haha, thank you for chatting with us, and we’ll see you in San Francisco!

We left our hearts there. See ya soon!

San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop (Popscene) on June 29 (18+) – Tickets

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