Broken Testimony: Holding On To Nothing 2018

Review by: Kristen Zarra


Broken Testimony was founded in 2016 in South Carolina. After touring on a local and national level, they quickly became a popular alternative rock/metal band genre. Their album Holding On To Nothing is set to be released June 22, 2018, and is available to pre-order.

Holding On To Nothing will have listeners connecting to the raw emotion that emanate through the songs and interludes. Breaking Benjamin’s influence in prominent throughout the album, making Broken Testimony a perfect addition for any Breaking Benjamin fan.  The interludes used to help tell a mini story in between the songs, which creates a more unique listing experience.  “Unknown”, “Control” and “Medusa” are the top 3 tracks of the entire album.  While “Control” and“Medusa” have the mixed sound of alt-rock with metal, whereas “Unknown” showcases the bands softer style.

The record showcases the talent of the young band and is sure to gain them new fans.  The album sounds cohesive, polished and will not disappoint you.  Broken Testimony is one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Similar artists: Breaking Benjamin, Korn 

Purchase the physical copy here, iTunes here, or Google Play here.

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