Cancer Bats: Dover, UK

Hive Mind, Operation Kino, & Cancer Bats @ The Booking Hall in Dover, UK

Photography & Review by: Bryony Murch

Just off the seafront harbor, The Booking Hall was just a few hours away from having one of the most explosive nights of music to hit their stage. Crowds gathered by the entrance, the enthusiasm from fans was clear from the offset, strangers became friends, excitement built and as soon as those doors opened, people filled the room and the night begun. Whether you have seen the band for the first time or the fifth time, the same opinion was held that it was going to be a fully charged, dynamic show!

Opening the night was local crossover/thrash band known as Hive Mind who took the stage with their first appearance played in front of a crowd. They brought such a great vibe and kick-started the buzzing atmosphere that all fans could dance to. I applaud all members for such an incredible introduction to the live event industry as they performed with passion and owned the stage as if they had been up there for years. I see a bright future for these guys and wish them every success.

Continuing with the electric energy, Operation Kino cemented the progressive hype and brought the crowd closer still. This Brighton based band brought stage presence to a new level from jumping into the crowd to interacting personally with fans. If you’re ever stuck on what new bands to see live, OP-K definitely hits the list!

The moment everyone was waiting for, the almighty Cancer Bats took the stage and set the place on fire! Following the release of their new album ‘The Spark That Moves’ they performed new heavy hits and vital classics that lit the crowd verse by verse.

From Donington Park to Dover, the versatility shown by these guys from each performance is flawless. They attack each set like it’s their last and fans get a true personal interaction with the band in return. Since 2004, this Canadian hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario have brought a fresh perspective to the music world and they have found a stride that will continue to develop and cause carnage for years to come.

Make sure to check out all the bands included in this review, social media accounts, and get yourself down to one of their shows. You won’t be disappointed!

Cancer Bats: 

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @cancerbats

Operation Kino: 

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @operationkinouk

Hive Mind:

Instagram – @hivemindbanduk

Facebook – @hivemind


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