Malynda Hale: Interview 2018

Veracious spoke with singer and songwriter, Malynda Hale from Santa Barbara, California on her upcoming EP, owning a podcast about females bosses, and her plans after her summer wide tour! Make sure to read it below, and purchase The One EP here.

Hi Malynda! How are you doing today?

Hi! I’m amazing thank you!

You released your brand new single, Something Worth Fighting For recently. How has the reaction been to it so far?

I think it’s been great. I love when people feel inspired and that’s exactly what that song is supposed to do. It was written to inspire and remind people that there is always something we are fighting for.

When you write songs, do you come up with the melody or the lyrics first?

It honestly depends on the song. I’ve done both. Each song kind of has its own process. Most of the time the melody comes first and I end up writing lyrics to that but it really just depends on the song and the mood I’m in.

Your new EP, The One will be released tomorrow. What can you tell us about it?

It’s a record I’m incredibly proud of. I put a lot of my heart into it and I hope people see who I am by listening to it. There are a lot of inspiring aspects to the songs and a lot of vulnerability as well. I’m really excited for everyone to hear it. It’s a very feel good EP.

How do you think this EP will differ from your previous work?

I think it’s the most authentic record I’ve done for sure. All of the songs come from a very real place and I think it also shows a lot of my growth as an artist and human being.

Will you be playing all of your new tracks on your countrywide tour this summer?

Yes! And I’m even going to play some songs people haven’t heard before! I’m looking forward to it.

You co-host the femme-empowerment, “Boss, Please” podcast which its goal is about female execs and girl-bosses. What made you decide to come up with your own podcast specifically talking about women in the workforce?

One of the hosts brought the idea to me and I loved it.  I was excited to be a part. We all contribute to the success of the show in our own way and we have been fortunate enough to interview some pretty amazing people. I feel very lucky to be a small part of the show.

What is one piece of advice for a woman whose aim is to become a boss?

Ignore any and all negativity and don’t be afraid to take risks. Being a boss is hard work and as a woman, it can be even more difficult at times. You just have to learn to tune all of that out and do what you know you are meant to do.

 Where can fans find you on the Internet with your latest music, tours and more?

My website is the best place to find everything! My music is all on iTunes and Spotify as well. I’m also incredibly active on social media and you can find me at @malyndahale everywhere!

What can fans expect from you after this summer tour?

I’m definitely planning a follow-up EP to release some of the songs that I didn’t record this time around. I’m also going to be diving back into some acting projects which I’m excited about. I took a little break from acting to focus on getting this record done but I’m ready to do it again.


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