Planet Case: Interview 2018

We had a chance to speak with Finnish band, Planet Case about their latest EP release of Simple Thoughts, musical influences, and where they would like to perform outside of Finland. Make sure to read our interview with them below, and you can keep updated with them at their website here.

Hi everyone! How are you doing today?

Hey! We’re doing great, thanks for asking!

Could you introduce yourself, your role in the band, and how old you are?

My name is Aleksi or “Allu” as everyone calls me and I’m the lead singer though I do occasionally play guitar and other instruments too. I’m 22 years old.

You released your debut EP, “Simple Thoughts” just a few days ago. How has the reaction been to it so far?

We’ve received great feedback and gotten some nice publicity for our EP even in the international circuit, which is great!

My favorite song is “Same Old Blood.” Which track is your favorite at the moment?

I absolutely enjoy all of our songs and they all have their moments. While songs like “Universe and I” and “Same Old Blood” are songs that in a way define our sound I personally enjoy atmospheric music a lot and that’s why “Industrial Dust” holds a special place in my heart. It’s a song that doesn’t try to be anything it’s not but instead just flows so seamlessly into its own place. For me as a singer, it’s also a lot about the lyrics and the melodies and how they blend together and though all songs have great lyrics, Industrial Dust has a wide set of emotions in it and that’s what makes it so special for me.

How long have you all been working on “Simple Thoughts?”

The songs have been written between 2015 to 2017. Since we are publishing the EP now, it means that we’ve been working over two years on this. Of course, this year has been the busiest time for us, because of studio visits and this whole releasing process including planning and videos etc.

Do you write your songs in Finnish or in English?

We write our songs in English because most of our main influences are English music. We are after all aiming at the international circuit so sticking into Finnish music wouldn’t suit our vision. Also, it would create problems to do the songs first in Finnish and then translate them into English as it most likely changes the idea of the song.

Your band is a mix of Imagine Dragons, The Vamps, and The 1975. Would you say those artists are your musical influences?

Yes, these artists are definitely big influences for us, but all in all, each of our band members have a unique taste in music. For example, our drummer Aapo is a huge fan of Oasis and other old school bands whereas our bassist Otto mostly listens to a more pop-styled music and is very interested in everything new. Thus, I would say that we are influenced by a lot of different acts. Bands such as The 1975 are simply something that we all enjoy listening to so it’s easy to hear some of their influences in our sound.

How did you all come up with your band name?

Our music has always been about massive atmospheres combined with smaller details. In the name, ‘Planet’ kind of describes the big sound, and ‘Case’ the other, smaller side of our music because our music is also about personal feelings and small details.

Can your fans in Finland expect an upcoming tour in the near future?

For sure, but we’ll see what’s going to happen next autumn! 😉

If your band had the opportunity to bring the band outside of Finland, which country would you like to perform in first?

I’d prefer playing in the UK or Germany as we have fans over there already. Also, UK has a great reputation in music so playing there would be a nice start for an international career. Finnish acts have a good reputation in Germany and there are a lot of potential venues to perform in so it would be a nice country for us too.

I saw your music video for “Average,” and you all are laughing, smiling, and having fun in every second of it. Is there ever a serious moment as a band or at rehearsals?

Yes, definitely 😀

I think we should more often do stuff like on that because things tend to get a bit too serious sometimes, hahaha. Living in different cities and all, we often have a limited amount of time together and that’s not the most productive atmosphere you know. In the end, you only remember the good things. I think it’s like this with most things in life, ups, and downs, and that’s the beauty of it.

Do you have any last words or anything you would like to say to your band?

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way and listened to our music! And to the boys, I’d like to say: “Good job guys, let’s keep on going!”

Thank you for chatting with us! 

Thank you, it was a pleasure!


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