Savannah Outen: Interview 2018

We had the chance to speak with the superstar, Savannah Outen about her brand new single, musical inspirations, and her challenges as a vocalist. Read below what she has to say about it all, and you can stay up to date on her latest music, YouTube covers, and more at the following link!

You released your single, Sad in the Summer recently. How has the reaction been to it so far?

Yes, I’m SO excited. I feel so lucky that the song has been getting such an amazing response. Everyone is saying how fresh it feels which is such a compliment. I love that people think it sounds different because that was totally what we were going for in the studio.

Can you tell us more about Sad in the Summer and what inspired you to write the track?

I wrote it about a relationship I was in that I knew wasn’t right for me. I gave him too many chances because he’d always come back saying he’d change. While I was writing it, I realized that I needed to end it for good. So many people go through situations like that and it’s only a matter of time before they realize it’s time to close that book and move on! I wanted the production to reflect those emotions too. The verses sound very nostalgic and emotional while the hook completely breaks into an unexpected chorus resembling me trying to break free. And overall sonically conveying that tug of war feeling that happens after a breakup.

On average, how long does it take to write your songs?

Sometimes the song is written in 20 minutes. It really depends on so many variables (my own mood, the vibe between the writers and producers or if the song is coming from a real-life experience. A lot of the times the words and melodies happen so quickly like magic. Other songs take a while to piece together, like a puzzle.

When you’re writing, do you write the lyrics or come up with the melody first? Does it depend on every song?

Yeah, it totally depends on the song and how I’m feeling! Some days I walk in with a title and that’s it. Or I have the melodies figured out, and I just have to find the right concept. 90% of the time I go in knowing exactly what I want to write about. It’s so therapeutic for me to be able to express my thoughts into a song and get all my emotions out. For me, that’s the best part about making music. Plus its cheap therapy 😉

Who are your current musical inspirations? 

So many artists inspire me for so many different reasons. I love Adele, Jessie J and Christina Aguilera for their vocals. I also love the more intimate/ethereal sounds of Bon Iver, Lana and Iron and Wine. Obsessed with Chris Stapleton and Leon Bridges for their soulfulness. I really respect what Justin Timberlake has done with his career. He’s been able to make movies, start a clothing line, host SNL, and put on incredible high energy tours that give you a real experience.

What is one challenge you have as a singer?

So many people have told me who to be, how to sing, what to color my hair.. and it got to the point where I realized the only person I should be is… me. That’s all I know how to be. I don’t have a crazy gimmick. I’m just being myself every step of the way.

Do you have any advice for any upcoming singers who are getting their start on YouTube? 

Create unique content. Nowadays, YouTube is filled with covers and singers. There is such amazing talent. So make sure you post something that hasn’t been done before. Give a country song an R&B feel. Whatever it is, give it your own unique twist. There’s a lot of talent online, but no one is you.

You are known for posting covers on YouTube. How do you decide which song you would like to cover? 

I love taking a song and stripping it down, putting my own take on it. I also always make sure I love the song and how it fits my voice. In the past, I use to cover songs just because people on my team would tell me to, or because it was hot at the moment. But you can tell when someone isn’t fully into a cover. Now I make sure that it’s something I truly love singing.

Some of your covers have different backgrounds all over Los Angeles. Do you plan out ahead of time which location you would like to film, or is it a last minute ordeal?

Honestly, I text my videographer the day of and say “I want to film on my rooftop today!” or “Let’s go to overlook near us and film really quickly”. It’s usually pretty last minute! It all depends on what I’m feeling that day and what I think will fit my version of the song best.


Savannah comments, “These three songs put me in such a good mood!!!” You can listen to her exclusive Spotify playlist with Veracious below!

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