Silent Rival w/Night Riots: San Francisco, CA 2018

Silent Rival, Courtship. & Night Riots @ Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

The five-piece rockers, Night Riots brought two other bands on this tour and I’ve got to say that it was the best show I have attended in the longest time! Nearly selling out the show where its capacity is 300, fans all over Northern California and some fans from nearby states traveled miles to join the party in the city.

Starting off the night at 9 pm was the Los Angeles rock band, Silent Rival consisting of Sara Coda, Joz Ramirez, and Yutaka Sao. When the band first came out, many fans were standing on the dance floor just watching the band onstage. Once more people packed the small venue and the songs progressed, fans started to dance. As she encouraged the crowd to sing the chorus with her for multiple songs, and giving fans the category for the loudest singer, best dancer, etc, she threw out a few t-shirts which made everyone on the floor go crazy. With their last song, almost everyone was enjoying themselves, and you knew it was going to be a fun night with the high energy.

Following Silent Rival was another Los Angeles band, Courtship that entails Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon. From not knowing them before the night, I didn’t know what I would expect from their music or their set. About the third song in of their performance, a vast majority of the room was screaming along to their tracks, and my personal favorite song they played was “Perfect People” that is off the band’s latest record, “Denial in Paradise.”

Last up onstage were the San Luis Obispo alternative rock lads, Night Riots that consist of Travis Hawley, Mikel Van Kranenburg, Matt DePauw, Rico Rodriguez, and Nick Fotinakes. With this tour being the band’s first headliner, I was flabbergasted on how many fans in the room knew the band’s music since there’s always a portion that only shows up for the opening acts. With the band playing hit after hit, there was nothing bad that you could say about the night. Everyone was smiling, dancing, singing (or screaming) back the words which is the best feeling in the world as a fan, and for the band. Even though this is Night Riots’ first tour where they get to make every single decision on their set and on the road, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for them in the future. Check out their links below, and see them live when you can!

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