Other Americans: Make Me Afraid Video & Debut EP

The electro-alternative rock band, Other Americans has announced a music video for their newest single, “Make Me Afraid.” In additon to the video, the band has also released their self-titled debut EP.

When speaking on the idea and the creation of the video, guitarist Brandon Phillips says, “In our our earliest conversations, the directors of the video, Mitch Brian and Todd Norris, wanted to do something like ‘Blondie-video-meets-Italian-horror,’ so, naturally, I’m hooked. I’m a big fan of Dario Argento [acclaimed Italian horror film director], having obsessed over his film Suspiria for years. We talked about a lot of cool Giallo-style setups [recalling the 20th-century Italian horror literary and film genre] and the ideas really kept flowing right up until the final shot. I love the final product. It has Giallo, it has glam, it has feminism, and it has a ton of really gorgeous frames.”

Check out the band’s video, EP, and Facebook page below!



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