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Almost five years ago, DREAMERS has been around bringing upbeat sounds, personal yet emotional lyrics, and good vibes to their live sets from their alternative-rock sound. The intention of this EP, Launch that will be released on July 13th is centered on new beginnings especially after a major breakup as the singer/songwriter/guitarist, Nick Wold went through shortly after the band’s first release of their full length, This Album Does Not Exist back in 2016.

Starting off Launch is their track, “SCREWS” which the band has already released to the public at the end of May. This song is about where you are in the perspective of still being stuck in a bad relationship, but your feelings in your head fall apart at the screws hence the lyrics in the chorus, (“All I needed was to hear the truth, I’m lying naked and my brain has lost its screws.”) This tune has fun energy, very powerful lyrics, and a pounding yet head-banging drum beat.

Following to the next tune is about pushing forward with your own intention. “That’s a song about being no one but still reaching for the stars, and trying to hold on to your joie de vivre,” Wold says. If you mix DREAMERS’ songs, “Never Too Late To Dance, “Lucky Dog,” and “Wolves (You Got Me)” from their 2016 record, then you get this track in my opinion. It has a similar guitar riff and dream beat at the beginning, but with a higher pitch. With only three minutes and twenty-four seconds of this song, you cannot get enough of it. The catchy beats mixed in with Wold’s voice captivates you and pushes you to keep hitting repeat on this song.

The third track has a deeper meaning than you think. It’s about the first fight he [Wold] has gotten into with this girlfriend at the time. “It’s about the kind of romance where two people who are complete opposites are joined as one, and the push and pull of that,” Wold comments. This song starts off with a slow and soft tempo than the rest of the tracks on Launch, but its sluggish sound speeds up within thirty seconds to a Vivace tempo before it drops again which is I’m sure what the band intended to do in relation to the meaning of it as well.

Ending out this incredible EP has a fast pace again leaving you to want more. The meaning behind the fourth tune is about the greedy people who have power and want to choose to do bad things in replace of the good plus how the world is watching everything. I visualize it as those witches in movies who look over their crystal ball with a malicious look on their face, to be honest.

This is DREAMERS’ beginning of releasing more music, and I personally cannot wait for what they have in store for the future. Do you ever have a moment where you know for sure an album or EP is going to be super good, but once you hear it, it sounds a lot better? Well, I’m having that moment now. Overall, I’m 100% sure you will love Launch as much as I do, and you can hear it all in just a few more hours. I promise you, it’s worth all the wait.

You can catch these guys this fall for their first headlining tour where tickets are available now.

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