Palatine: Your Heart – New Video

Words by: Valerie McIntyre

Think of a combination of Stevie Wonder and David Bowie when you listen to “Your Heart” by Philadelphia Soul artist Palatine. You are not listening to Sam Smith, you are listening to the voice of a National Marian Anderson Historical Society Scholar.  

“Your Heart” is a easy listening song starting with 80s inspired piano and then going into soothing acoustic piano that sounds like it’s coming from the next room. Palatine’s voice turns the song into a story. You can follow along with the words when watching the music video. A girl meets boy kind of tale, Palatine sings about if there is passion, love, and heart in the relationship. All is he asking for honestly, is the truth.

You can hear the pain in his voice begging for a answer. It goes to show that we can expect honest lyrics and emotion pouring in the tracks from his own voice. Remember, keeping Stevie Wonder in mind as main possible influence, “Run with Me” from the Run With Me – EP by Palatine, shows he has room for honest lyrics and upbeat sound with the guitar sound almost coming from an influence of a mixture between the 1970s and 1980s.

Have a listen for yourself of Palatine’s Run With Me – EP here.




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