Primaveras: Better Off – New Song

James Clifford’s project Primaveras (formerly known as Modern Howls) has released a brand new single, “Better Off.” This track specifically is a song off Primaveras’ upcoming album, Echoes in the Well of Being that will be released on September 28th, 2018.

Clifford tells us, “While most people will immediately interpret it as a break up song, I see the core sentiment as trying to grow up and move on from any sort of worn-out relationship.” Despite an audible affinity for modern production, the man behind the band credits old-school R&B with powerful inspiration. It was an infectious groove by the Isely Brothers that drove today’s melodic delight. “I wanted it to be fairly obvious who I’m paying homage to in that intro,” says Clifford.

Check out Primaveras’ single, “Better Off” via Spotify below and their Facebook page for more information!


  1. 2am, Chinatown
  2. Can’t Undo My Love
  3. Solitude/Long Way Home
  4. Better Off
  5. I Don’t Mind
  6. In The Lilacs
  7. Kerala (Interlude)
  8. Wait Until Dawn
  9. Tell Me So
  10. Send Me An Angel
  11. “I Wish… Technicolor”
  12. Before You Say Goodbye




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