Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, MI

Review & Photography by: Jake Merz

Entering the 18th annual Common Ground Music Festival in the heart of downtown Lansing, Michigan with the festival goers filing in I was greeted with the sound of music from the get go. This festival on average draws in about 50,000 people throughout it’s four days run in early July each year. Weather wise, we were very fortunate this year with nothing but Sunshine the whole time!

The festival was kicked off by Columbus, Ohio’s very own Vesperteen who is coming off of their second EP release ‘The Hype is Dead’. They did nothing short of setting Common Ground off to a high energy start to finish performance and set the standard for the Sparrow stage that night and were followed up by The Aces and Børns along with Judah and the lion who were actually my personal favorite set of the weekend. I don’t know exactly what those guys brought, but oh boy, it was brought that night and was crazy high energy.

A few of my other stand outs of the festival would definitely have to be Halsey, NF, Logic, Supa Bwe, and surprisingly Hunter Hayes. I say Hunter Hayes was a surprise favorite of mine was because Country music is not general my cup of tea, but after seeing his set, I can comfortably say that I can see why he has been so successful in his career because you could tell through his set that he genuinely enjoys what he does for a living and was smiling a good portion of his time on stage at common ground. Halsey had one of the best show productions and had the energy and talent to take her performance over the top. NF was one of the acts I was most eager to see over this weekend and he didn’t disappoint one bit! As for Supa Bwe I hadn’t heard of his before seeing him live so it was a pleasant surprise seeing how much he invested into his set. Last, but certainly not least was Logic who brought his message of love and positivity to Lansing in full force, with the most crowd engagement I have seen from an artist in a few years. This man really does believe in the message he spreads and it was a pleasure to see him. In fact, it was a pleasure seeing all of the artists named above.

In conclusion, I’d say this year at Common Ground Music Festival was a success and for the most part lived up to my expectations even though a few of the artists didn’t live up to their hype.  However, I can’t wait to see what Common Ground does next year lineup wise.



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