Hannah Grace: Oh River – New Single & Video

Originating from Wales, singer/songwriter, Hannah Grace has released a touching music video for her new single, “Oh River.” She collaborated with Bee Happy Productions and went out on the streets of London and Manchester asking the public, “If you could relive or change any moment in your life, what would it be?”

This video provokes some really moving answers; from the moment people fell in love, to the deaths of loved ones, people’s reflections on family life, personal achievements and many other beautiful stories. “Oh River is a song about reminding yourself to be present in the moment – especially when you are with the people you love.”

She continues about the video, “I wanted this music video to feature real people and to highlight the beauty in both the big and small moments in life. I was so overwhelmed with how open and honest people were with us. I’m so grateful to everyone who shared their amazing stories.”

“Oh River” is off of Hannah’s forthcoming debut album and you can follow her on social media for further music, updates, and more!


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