Winter & Triptides: Interview & SF show 2018

Winter & Triptides – the new project from Samira Winter (Winter) and Glenn Brigman (Triptides) has released their first single from their debut album a few weeks ago, and Winter will be coming through San Francisco, CA on 8/12 to Brick & Mortar (tickets here).

Check out our exclusive interview with them below and make sure to listen to the new track!

Interview by: Martha Segovia

In bonding over Brazilian music, how did you two decide on coming together? Was it an easy collaboration?

“We met at a show and instantly bonded on our favorite Brazilian Records. Glenn knows how to speak decent Portuguese so we spoke Portuguese and then decided to meet up at my house later that week to jam. I wrote “Doce Violeta” soon after and emailed him a voice memo of it and he responded to it saying he wanted to record. I guess that’s how it all started!” – Samira Winter

 What was the recording process for Estrela Mágica LP like?

“The recording process was really relaxed. We basically just set up the equipment wherever we wanted to, usually near a drum set. We would go over the songs and I would play the drums while Samira played the guitar. Once we were happy with the structure we would track the drums and guitar and then overdub from there. The songs came together pretty quickly because we both knew where we wanted them to go. It was a lot of fun!”- Glenn Brigman

 What are the lessons you take away from the two-year recording process?

Both of us have our main bands so this record felt like a fun side project in a way. Whenever I had a song we’d meet up and record it. In that way, it was very relaxed and I think it gives the record a really special feel because it documents different emotions that cycle in the span of a couple years. It overall just feels like a nostalgic record because we were really channeling our love for Brazilian music and a time period we never lived through. It was great to record and meet up whenever we felt inspired versus having to force it because of time constraints. – Samira Winter

How was the track ‘Amiga’ chosen as a leading track from the upcoming release?

Amiga was chosen because it’s such an upbeat, fun track. I think it grabs your attention right from the beginning and moves at such a good pace that by the time it’s over you just want to hear it again! It’s really just a great pop single. Definitely one of my favorite tracks from the record. – Glenn Brigman

I actually don’t know if Glenn even knows this but Amiga is about him. It’s about friendship and all the fun adventures we were having making music together. I think musical friendships are magical because you connect with someone on a more intuitive level. There needs to be trust, chemistry, and inspiration. I thought it would be a good song to start off the release since it’s literally about our friendship! -Samira Winter

 Will you release other tracks leading up to the release?

We’re planning on releasing another track soon. We’re also working on a music video. Stay tuned! – Glenn Brigman

 Who or what are influences that drive you?

My influences are really varied and constantly evolving. Of course, there’s some music that I will always go back to; classic stuff like The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, Neil Young… But then I’ll go through a Brazilian music phase or an Indian music phase or I’ll only listen to Italian soundtrack music or French yé yé pop. Usually, I end up cycling back to the stuff that really moves me and finding new groups or artists with each new journey into the genre. There’s so much music out there it sort of blows my mind. But I try to experience a little bit every day hoping that maybe I’ll find a new song that really inspires me to get to work! – Glenn Brigman

I’m very inspired by Cocteau Twins, Gal Costa, My Bloody Valentine, Erasmo Carlos and Lily’s. I do listen to a lot of contemporary music like Boogarins, Vinyl Williams, Sound of Ceres. I’m attracted to beautiful melodies and that can come in different ways. I’m also very into listening to blissful, melancholic, and distortion. I love it when they combine! -Samira Winter

What made you decide to produce this EP with a Tascam tape machine?

I actually learned how to record music on Tascam cassette machines. They’re near and dear to my heart. They’re also extremely portable. So when Samira asked me to come over and record with her it just made sense to throw my 488 in the car and bring it by. I didn’t know where the recordings were going to end up, I just knew that I liked working with these particular machines and they always end up sounding really nice to my ears. -Glenn Brigman

I never had any recordings on tape and it’s an aesthetic that is still new to me. It’s a great platform that allows for a more present and in a way simpler process than recording digitally and having infinite options. In general, I feel like it’s more intuitive. It was a great recording experience because technology never got in the way! -Samira Winter

Do you prefer traditional recording methods and equipment over modern, latest technologies?

I prefer a blend of old and new. I always record music to tapes, cassettes, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, whatever. As long as it’s hitting the tape in the beginning then I’m usually happy. I’ll eventually transfer the multi-track recordings onto Ableton, clean up the recordings and use some technological magic to make everything blend a little better and sound a bit nicer. – Glenn Brigman

I like it when recording and mixing have intention. You should go all out in your version. If that means making it really tapey or super crisp or having it be a blend. I have a 4 track that I do demos in and it’s so fun to experiment with tape. But I do think there is a time and place for both depending on what sound you want. -Samira Winter

What do you hope listeners will take away from the music produced on this EP?

I hope people can just sit back, relax and enjoy the music. It would be great if the music could allow the listener to forget about all of the stuff they have going on in this crazy world we live in and just take a moment to be happy, whether it’s alone or with a friend or loved one. That would be really nice. -Glenn Brigman

I think it’s great for Americans to be listening to music that is in a foreign language first of all. Beyond that it would be nice if people had memorable experiences while listening to these songs ~ maybe a first date or in the car with your best friends… -Samira Winter

Do you hope to see this collaboration grow into other projects?

Of course! It’s so much fun working with Samira. I’m sure we will make another record sooner or later. Hopefully next year! – Glenn Brigman

Yes, it was such a fun record to work on! – Samira Winter




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