Lydia: Philadelphia, PA 2018

Cherry Pools & Lydia @ The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Alexandra Schnell

On Friday night countless people ventured to The Foundry in Philadelphia, PA to see Cherry Pools and Lydia on the Liquor Tour. The Indie-Pop band known as Cherry Pools was tasked with the duty of warming up the crowd; their set started promptly and they had no issue getting the crowd ready for Lydia. I have seen Cherry Pools on their previous two tours and their set never disappoints. Their stage set up always includes a neon sign and the lead singer, Martin Broda’s, light up microphone stand.  They performed a cover of Don Henley’s “The Boys of Summer” in which they changed the lyrics to “The Girls of Summer” and they also performed their latest single “All The Way” which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

 You could tell from the moment Lydia walked on stage they had a special connection with their fans, it was almost as if they were all family. Their set had a very laid back vibe, and they are undeniably passionate about their music. The crowd didn’t miss a single lyric the entire night and everyone on stage undoubtedly appreciated it and consistently had huge smiles spread across their faces. For the entirety of their set they had images and short videos being projected onto the screen behind them adding a really cool element to their set, it was a really nice touch I had never seen before at a concert.

 They performed their latest single “Sunlight” which has been stuck in my head since the show and was undeniably a crowd favorite. They ended their set with a song off their previous album Run Wild, but the moment after they left the stage the entire crowd was cheering for an encore. A request in which Lydia happily obliged; they came back onto the stage and performed three more songs for the eager Philly crowd. After the show the band happily met anyone wanting to meet them and shared a few drinks to end the Philadelphia date of The Liquor Tour. Both Lydia and Cherry Pools put on captivating sets and I would highly recommend catching them on tour and listening to both of their music.

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