The Mowgli’s Interview 2018

We had the chance to speak with Josh Hogan of the Los Angeles rock band, The Mowgli’s regarding their brand new EP, I Was Starting to Wonder, and their upcoming headline tour dates. If you live in the Bay Area, you can catch these incredible artists at Swedish American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA on November 16, 2018, and tickets are available for purchase here. You can check out the full tour date list here.

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You have released a brand new EP, I Was Starting to Wonder and the overall meaning is a celebration of life. What would you say is the best way to live a long-lasting and successful life?

Everyone has a different story, so it’s hard to say what is the best way to live a long-lasting & successful life, but we believe that if you put some good out there you’ll get some back. Simple as that.

How would you describe this EP in five words or less?

Windows down, volume up.

Can you explain more in depth of the artwork for I Was Starting to Wonder? Did you discover this photograph on the Internet, or did you have a photographer go out and take this specifically for this EP?

After a few years of touring I realized that we weren’t documenting our time very well, so I got a camera and started snapping pics of just about everything.  The EP cover was shot on an old LOMO that I traded Julia Nunes for some artist pics.  I believe I took the photo during a tour with Dreamers & Colony house.  Yes, it’s barton springs… -josh

Surprisingly, you have songs based in the cities of San Francisco, and Kansas City. Can we expect a song from your hometown in Venice Beach/Los Angeles?

We’ve always talked about writing an LA song.  We mention our city, but we still haven’t written a full song for Los Angeles.  Thanks for the reminder.

I read that your track, “Kansas City” has been a welcoming city where it feels like home to you all and it also happens to be Colin’s hometown. How did you all first come up with the track? Was it Colin’s idea to write a song about Kansas City and then the rest of you chimed in realizing that it was a special place or was it a collective choice of wanting to write a song about that area?

When Colin & I started writing Kansas City we immediately knew that we had something special with some real feeling.  We wanted to capture that nostalgia of visiting your hometown, & I still get goosebumps when I listen.  The song is for anyone who left their hometown.

You have released “Real Good Life,” and “Kansas City” publicly in the past. What made you decide to add two more tracks and make it an EP instead of releasing all of the songs individually or waiting to make a full-length album?

We’ve always had the idea of releasing music more often. An album cycle takes a lot of time writing, & recording, & promoting so bands end up with an album every couple of years. Now that we’re more independent we can almost do whatever we want so you can expect more music more frequently.

The Mowgli’s had a chance to go on the road for the Real Good Life tour, and you’ll be back out again, but for six dates on the West Coast. Aside from new music, what can fans expect from your live show on this upcoming run?

On this upcoming tour, fans can expect a high energy show that will lift anyone up.  We always try to change it up a little, from the lights & projections to setlist & fan interaction.  We’re always around to hang & chat, so come find us!

What is one thing you want your fans to walk away from your show with?

We’ve said from the start that we want our fans to leave our show feeling much happier than they were when they came in. That’s always been our mission.


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