Boston Manor x Veracious – Exclusive Interview

Blackpool, England’s rock band, Boston Manor are going to be releasing their sophomore album, Welcome To The Neighbourhood on September 7th via Pure Noise Records, and Veracious had the chance to speak with the guys regarding upcoming record, leaving the pop-punk genre to rock, and their upcoming tours.

Welcome To The Neighbourhood is just as emotionally charged and meaningful as ever for the band. With that comes a hope that this album, by addressing the issues it does, can have a positive impact on the future. “I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues,” singer Henry Cox says. “The things that are important to my generation are just so trivial in my eyes, but who am I to say? I can’t really offer any immediate solutions, but I can try to throw a bucket of cold water on some of my peers, to just get them to feel more and think more and not be so apathetic.”

You can see Boston Manor in the UK for a headline tour and in North America with Real Friends this year. Tickets for both tours are available for purchase here.

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Hi guys! You guys are currently in Germany playing at Hafenklang Festival. How was the show?

The Show was great! We’ve played this venue a few times & always love coming back. Show’s in Hamburg are some of the best we’ve played in Europe.

When you’re performing at festivals, do you have a chance to see any other acts? If so, who’s been your favorite artists to see so far in your careers?

We try to, it depends what time you’re playing. I mean that’s a pretty big question! I’ve gotten to see a few bands this summer; I saw The DMA’s at Leeds festival this year who were incredible.

You have a sophomore album, Welcome To The Neighbourhood that will be released on September 7th via Pure Noise Records. What can you tell us about it?

It’s a swirling fuzzy neon whirlpool that sucks you into the future but sounds like the past. We’re really excited about it!

After your record drops, you’ll be touring around the UK for two weeks. What can fans expect from that tour, and do you have plans for new merchandise items? 

We’ve stepped things up massively since our last headline tour; it’s going to be delving into the new album & dripping with intensity, expect some old songs & a few deep cuts though! & of course!

What made you decide to change your sound from pop punk to rock? Collectively, was it a hard decision to change genres or did you all know you wanted a new sound? 

We never regarded ourselves as a pop-punk band anyway but we’ve been wanting to play heavier, dirtier music for a while; over the last 3 years, we’ve just been headed slowly in that direction.

Before recording the album, did you know you were going to end up with a rock sound or did it happen as the days progressed in the studio? 

We knew from the second we released our first album. Although there are sonic elements that only came into the fray in the few months prior to recording the album. The electronic/industrial elements really shone through during the final month of writing the album earlier this year.

Your Facebook page, website, and your latest single’s artwork plus music video has a red and black theme to it. Did you intentionally plan on having this color coordination from the beginning?

Red is the color of passion, sex & death. We knew we wanted this fuzzy red neon vibe throughout. At the last second, we changed the album cover to a B&W photograph, it’s a dark sounding album anyway so we’ve been using black as well.

What can fans expect from you after this summer tour? Do you plan on resting or hitting the road again? 

Plenty of touring. We’re going to America after our headliner, Australia & a few other places before the year is over!

Lastly, who are you currently listening to?

This summer we’ve been enjoying: DMA’s, Bloxx, Yonaka, Culture Abuse, LURK, Nothing But Thieves, Bishop Nehru, The Blinders, Strange Bones, Pitchshifter & HEALTH to name a few!

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