Caravãna Sun: Silver Linings EP + Interview

The four-piece indie group, Caravãna Sun, has released their new single, Come Back that is off the band’s upcoming EP, Silver Linings which will be due on September 14th. In honor of the band’s new music, they will be embarking on the Silver Linings national tour and it will kick off at Denmark Civic Centre in WA on September 14 before moving through Margaret River, Broome, Fremantle, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Cairns, Airlie Beach, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, and wrapping up at Torquay Hotel in Torquay, VIC, on October 27. Tickets are available here.

As the band’s getting ready to release Silver Linings, our staff member had the chance to chat with Alex Dumbrell to dive further into Caravãna Sun’s rituals, EP, and what they plan to do for the band’s 10 year anniversary. Make sure to follow the band on social media and stay tuned for their killer EP!

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Interview by: Bryony Murch / Answered by: Alex Dumbrell (Drummer)

Next year, you’ll be marking 10 years since ‘Carãvana Sun’ was founded. What challenges and/or successes have helped you shape your band to who you are today?

10 years?! I didn’t even realize we had an anniversary coming up! I think a huge part of our identity and sound as a band came from the first few years touring up and down the east coast of Australia. Touring was about playing in towns we always wanted to go, surfing breaks we’d always heard about and taking our music to communities far and wide that resonated with the tunes we were creating. That kind of grassroots touring ethic and connecting with communities through our music pretty much shaped the band.

To follow the previous question, can fans expect anything from you guys to celebrate your 10 years?

Ooooh! Good idea! We have been so invested in the release of our new EP and touring our butts off that we haven’t thought about anything too specific but I think a 10 year anniversary tour to some of our favorite small coastal towns we haven’t visited in years should happen!

You describe yourselves as ‘world fueled, rebellious, surf rock’. How does the release of ‘Silver Linings’ showcase this?

Silver Linings is a 6 track EP that we recorded at Sound Park Studios (Northcote, VIC) with legendary producer/engineer Steven Schram (Paul Kelly, San Cisco, Cat Empire). We initially only booked in to track one song with Schram but enjoyed the process so much and the inspiration was flowing so we booked straight back in for more days. We tried not to put restrictions on the “genre” of the new tracks and worked with Schram to bring out the strengths in each song we presented. These new songs have flavors of a few different styles of music, mostly a collection of the music we love to listen to and play, with an emphasis on making people move their butts!

 Do you prefer performing at festivals or live gigs? Why?

A tough question! But for me, it’s got to be playing at festivals. You know how heading to a festival as a punter is one of the best days of the year, nothing but seeing your fav bands, eating some exotic foods and hanging with your friends, well playing at a festival gives you that same feeling but even better! It’s the sense of community that I get most excited about leading into a festival, opportunities to run into other muso friends, get inspired by new artists you’ve never heard of….epic!

As you’re releasing ‘Silver Linings’ whilst on tour, how’s the reaction so far?

I’m always a bit nervous/excited to road test new songs, but audiences have been receiving them really positive so we’re all stoked. It can be a nerve-racking time when you start performing a song you’ve crafted in a safe, creative space to people outside of your immediate circle.

What are you most excited about your tour?

Probably heading up to Broome, WA. For such a remote little town, the surrounding countryside and people of Broome have always held such a spell over me. The raw colors, the sunsets, the amazingly supportive community, the shows and the adventures up the Cape aren’t even the tip of the iceberg of what The Kimberley means to me.

Before hitting the stage, what’s the one thing you guys have to do? Do you have any rituals?

It might seem a little cheesy but even after all these years we still have a team huddle backstage before we play, like we’re a footy team in the sheds. It’s a good chance to center ourselves if we’ve had a crazy day (running late, bad traffic, stressful times at home that we’re missing, etc) so we leave the negative vibes off stage and helps us remember we’re a team, to listen to one another and try connecting with the audience as best we can. Our sound guy Adam Haynes is almost always in the huddle, he can be like a nervous coach before grand final day sometimes….hitting us with some of the heaviest inspirational quotes.

From Europe, the UK to Australia, what things sets them apart from one another? Are fans more energetic in certain areas?

So much is different but so much is the same. We’re so lucky to have music and touring as a way to experience the world. Fresh back from Europe a couple of weeks ago one thing that stands out is the crowd. Obviously, audiences, in general, are energetic and enthusiastic but there are slight variations that stand out. As you’re using the show as your constant each night, it’s so easy to see the differences between each country. For me I find the Dutch so eager and energetic, it’s as if they think we’re a punk band….crowd surfing, mosh pits, crazy times! The German crowds were so responsive and seemed so interested like they were listening to every word (even though they might not have been able to understand?!). I find Australian crowds can be tough nuts to crack, it takes a little longer for them to let go sometimes but if you show them your open and honest self they, in turn, open up.

From ‘Beauty and The Pain’ to ‘Come Back,’ what can fans expect for the rest of the EP?

Working with Schram was unlike any other recording session we’d ever done, he worked us really hard with the songwriting side of things, going through all the tracks lyrically and structurally with a fine-tooth comb before even starting to record. Once we actually started tracking, if he felt there was some magic in the takes we’d leave it at that. So some of the songs are the first or second take….this meant we as performers were really pumped to record as we knew the pressure was somewhat off to play perfectly and instead allowed us to focus on playing well together as a band. It was like we tried to capture the songs in their magic, infant state rather than work on them tirelessly until there is no life left in them. With Schram being such a big part of the project meant we now have some new sounds and some areas of music we haven’t explored together before but ultimately it’s still the same 4 guys playing the instruments so the songs are still classic Caravãna Sun.


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