Faith Monaco: Interview 2018

We spoke with Canadian singer, Faith Monaco regarding her music career, musical inspirations and more!

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You started singing at an early age. What was your earliest recollection of being involved in music and as a singer?

Growing up, I was always around music. My dad had his own wedding band and was the lead singer and played the piano. He would always have the band over practicing or I would go with my family to his performances and sit backstage and watch him. I absolutely loved every second of it. The best part was that I would always get to join in and sing along with him and the band during practices. It helped teach me a lot like how to perform with live instruments, and my dad was able to help me a lot on my vocals. I have never had any professional help with my singing as I always had my dad to help me out. I am very grateful for being able to grow up with this in my life as it has only made me want to be more involved with music!

Who were artists that you looked up to back then, and are you still inspired by them today?

The main artist that I looked up to back then was Carrie Underwood. Today, I still look up to Carrie Underwood as well as Demi Lovato and Beyoncé. I look up to these artists because they all worked so hard to get to where they are at today. They have inspired me to work towards my goals even when times are tough. They have helped me to realize that anything is possible and if you work hard enough towards your goals and dreams, then you can achieve them.

You have a single, Turn up Tonight. Can you tell us more about the track?

Turn up Tonight is a song written about learning how to overcome challenges that you may be facing in your life. The song is about a situation that happened during a bad relationship where I had to learn how to overcome my inner demons and stand strong on my own. I knew that I was the only one that was in control of my happiness. I had to learn how to face my challenges and not let them take control of my life. It is your life and you are the one in control of your happiness. If you are unhappy in your life due to a bad relationship, a job, or a situation, then you have the power to take action, stand tall and face life’s challenges and struggles.

You are also a Registered Health and Fitness Practitioner. How do you have the time to balance out that career and as a singer?

I am a Registered Health and Fitness Practitioner/Personal Trainer and I just recently opened up my own Health and Fitness Centre/Gym. Being that I am so busy I do find it hard to balance both my career and leaving time to sing and do what I love. I have to make sure that I have a schedule and plan everything out. I am busy all day long with my business and then at night when things have died down a bit with work, then I will set aside some time to sing! Without having a To Do List or a schedule that I can follow, I know that I would feel very clustered, unorganized, and unhappy. I love my To Do List!

What is one thing you would like to accomplish as a musician?

One thing that I would like to accomplish as a musician is to be able to play either the piano or guitar. I currently do not play any instruments which is a big thing that I want to be able to do. Being able to play an instrument as a musician will also help me improve on my songwriting. I will gain more confidence and I can get more creative with my work. It’s all about being unique and showing people something new that you are able to bring to the table. There is so much talent out there and being able to offer something different/unique is huge and will keep your audience wanting more!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year music wise?

For the next year, I would like to get myself out there more and have more live performances. Where I live there are honestly no places to perform live. I live in a small town where there is a slim opportunity for different talent to perform. We don’t have coffee shops, bars, events, etc that I can perform at therefore I am having a challenge. In the next month I have been asked to sing at a wedding which I am excited about and hopefully, I will get more opportunities like this!

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