Dorothy: Seattle, WA 2018

Dorothy @ The Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA

Review & Photography by: Eva Maria Burns

The stage is set. Rays of yellow and green light beam down on the middle of the darkly lit stage. A tall, beautiful and mysterious woman dressed from head to toe in black, comes confidently strolling out onto the stage alongside her band. This woman is who we would soon learn to know as Dorothy. From the moment Dorothy takes center stage, she creates an atmosphere of pure rock; with the small bundle of incense lit within her palm and her voice that wails out the chords of her first song, “ White Butterfly”.  Her voice, a mix of blues rock influences, soared within Seattle’s historic Paramount Theater, bouncing off the wall to wall. As she sang, you can instantaneously tell that the chemistry Dorothy shares with her bandmates Jason Ganberg (drums), Eli Wulfmeier (guitar), Owen Barry (guitar) and  Eliot Lorango (bass), is undeniable. The way that they naturally cue and signal one another, shows as a result of the past year spending so much time together touring.

One of the things that about Dorothy, was the way in which she confidently projects the feminist attitude. As a young woman, I am always in awe of any woman within the music industry that takes full control of the fact that woman kick ass and should be proud and confident in who they are. While I was at the show scrambling around the photo pit, I shortly realized that I was the only female in the entire pit, and Dorothy also noticed this. By the end of the first song, she stared directly at me, left the mob of male photographers behind and walked directly in front of my camera and bent down and smiled for me. As she arose, she gave me a slight nod of affirmation, and for me, this stood out for her to take a second and show her appreciation. 

As the show progressed, Dorothy continued to control her female persona and channel it into her hits songs like “Raise Hell” and “Down to the Bottom,”. It was extremely refreshing to see the audience react to their music so positively. As the crowd was also awaiting the main act, Greta Van Fleet, the theater was filled with a very diverse crowd of young and older fans. The older people were reliving their youth filled with the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Dorothy and Greta Van Fleet are both bands that are of a new era of pure Blues rock. The sounds have given old and new rock lovers hope for the return of the sounds that once ruled the airwaves. Dorothy and her band just started their tour with Greta Van Fleet and will be on the road for quite some time. If they are in a city near you, they are a must see- that is you’re in the mood to hear some soulful, blues-influenced rock n roll.


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