morgxn, Weathers & Dreamers @ Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ

Review, Photography & Review by: Luxicon Photography

This past Saturday night in Phoenix I strolled into Crescent Ballroom a little after door time and the room was already close to fully packed. I prepared for the sold out show by checking out the music from morgxn, Weathers, and Dreamers for the last few weeks and I was excited to hear this dream team of a lineup live. Pun Intended.

morgxn took the stage first in his jumpsuit with his bright neon nails and immediately started wowing the audience. He showed off his vocal range with some unreal, super smooth high notes. By Twitter request, he played a song called “xx” that I was pretty excited for. This song quickly became a favorite of mine off his latest album, “vital”.  It has this haunted dream pop vibe that is addicting. The crowd picked up substantially for “carry the weight,” another favorite of mine that’s uplifting and beautiful. After a few slower, and emotionally powerful songs including one written for his father, morgxn ended his set the oh so catchy song, “Home” and the just about everyone in the room was dancing and singing and waving their arms around.  Such a solid opening act.

Weathers followed up with bop after bop. “Casual Mondays” stood out to me and was a definite mood lifter.  Between that and several other catchy sing along tunes and a cover of London Calling, they really made it hard to not be in a good mood. Dreamers had some big shoes to fill playing after Morgxn and Weathers but they carried on the good vibes with no problem.  They do a great job of sounding like much more than a 3 piece band. This was technically their first ever sold out show which is amazing and it was absolutely one for the books.  The crowd couldn’t get enough of them and the band did a two song encore. They ended the night with a stage dance party joined by Weathers and Morgxn before bidding adieu with “We are Dreamers, and so are you.”

Make sure to check out this tour if they’re coming near you.  Every one of them puts on a killer performance.

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