New Hope Club, HRVY & The Vamps: San Francisco, CA 2018

New Hope Club, HRVY & The Vamps @ August Hall in San Francisco, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

Earlier this week, I was elated to see New Hope Club, HRVY, and The Vamps perform at San Francisco’s new music venue, August Hall. Even though it was a cold and windy night in the city, it was worth every second waiting outside because it ended up being the best night for me.

At 7:15 sharp, the lights dimmed and the three guys of New Hope Club ran onstage with big smiles and energy. After Blake Richardson grabbed his microphone, he yelled, “San Francisco, it’s great to be back again!” as the crowd roared with excitement. The British trio started off their set with one of my personal favorites, “Medicine” and fans in the room were singing, dancing, or humming along to the tune. They even played IDGAF by Dua Lipa which everyone loved because who doesn’t like that song? In my opinion, New Hope Club are among one of my favorite groups to see live because they’re always positive, kind, and have amazing energy onstage.

Next up on the bill was another UK artist, HRVY who seemed to have stolen every girl’s heart that night. He brought four backup dancers from home who danced along to the songs periodically. The girls even brought beach balls for fans to toss up into the air throughout the set and the crowd loved it. It’s not very common where you get throw beach balls during someone’s performance, so it was a special night on top of HRVY killing the vocals of Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Not only was it a jaw-dropping performance, but a memorable moment. It was just a time of positivity and love which are two words, to sum up, HRVY’s personality. 

Last up onstage was the band everyone was waiting for; The Vamps. Sadly enough, Tristan Evans (drummer) could not make it to our show due to an illness, but the band brought along their friend Ryan at the last second who filled in Tristan’s spot for the time being. Regardless of being one man down, The Vamps still performed their heart and soul into their set with sixteen songs. Once they arrived on the small stage, fans screamed louder than ever. Fans gathered closer to the band to see them play and there was definitely a dance pit in the back of the venue. Young girls screamed along to the lyrics hand-in-hand with their friends, and everyone enjoyed the night. Even though The Vamps are used to performing in arenas everywhere else in the world, they still enjoyed the intimate setting out here in the United States. 

If you are needing a night to forget about school or have the best time of your life with your friends/family, you can see New Hope Club, HRVY, and The Vamps in the United States still! You can find the full tour date list here, and VIP packages for all acts are available here. 

Make sure to also check back next month on October 15th to exclusive photographs of the night as well as an interview with New Hope Club in our magazine issue! 

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