Emma Remelle: Interview 2018

DC-based singer and songwriter, Emma Remelle chats with us regarding her latest single, “One Last Drink,” balancing school with music, and her advice for young female musicians. Make sure to follow her on social media and to listen to her music below!

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Hi Emma! You released a new song, “One Last Drink.” Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the track, and how has the reaction been to this single so far?

 Of course! So I wrote the song a couple years ago while I was finishing up college down in Savannah, GA. That city is so magical during the spring, I felt inspired to write a narrative for the sort toxic anticipation that’s in the air at that time of year. I played off this concept of how people and the weather have a way of toying with your emotions. They pull us in with all this anticipation of the unknown, peaking our curiosity and making us want more. And the love I’ve received since the release has been so overwhelming and so encouraging! I had been holding on to it for so long, so it’s really rewarding to know that people are enjoying it so much!

What makes you different from other female artists in the music industry?

Female artist are killing it the music industry right now – which makes me super happy and so inspired! I think a lot of women are really starting to find their footing and a voice within their perspective industries. As a songwriter, my sole purpose and goals for my music to connect with young girls, in their youth, and throughout their womanhood! I want to be a voice that speaks to the emotions they’re feeling, and let them know that it’s ok to be vulnerable at times, and still know that they have this immense power in their femininity; a power that needs to bear no shame in today’s society! It’s a pretty great time to be a chick I’d say!

You started as a musician when you got an acoustic guitar your freshman year of high school and taught yourself how to play covers. Which songs would you play back then and do you still listen to those songs now?

Oh for sure! The music I listened to around that time was so influential for me as a writer. My first generation iPod Nano was essentially filled with a lot of acoustic folks, Taylor Swift, and Kid Cudi. I was really big on Ingrid Michaelson and Lissie too! To date one of my favorite songs to cover is Pursuit of Happiness – which is actually covered by Lissie. I loved her take on the song so much, it really inspired me to make covers completely unique to me and my own sound as an artist!

Did you ever end up taking guitar lessons from an instructor?

Not yet! But I seriously dream of one day being as good as John Mayer or Dave Matthews…although to be honest, I’m not quite sure my hands are big enough to be as talented as those legends!

You finished your college degree in Fashion Marketing while also being a full-time collegiate athlete. How did you have the time to balance writing songs, school, and swimming?

Music has always been my first passion and really it was pretty easy to make time for it during school, as it’s such a form of therapy for me! If I was ever stressed or overwhelmed, I knew that I just needed to sit down, play, and let all my thoughts run onto a page. Music is probably one of the reasons I made it through college!

Music wise, what are your next plans? Will you be releasing your EP in the near future?

Yes! I’m continuing to go into the studio to finish working on my EP, which I hope to have out by the end of the year or early next! I’m so excited to continue to work with the talented producer and all around awesome guy, Jake Vicious, for a few more of the tracks and finalize the lyrical story for everyone to hear! I have a song that I just finished writing that I’m particularly excited about. The title is “Over You”, which will most likely be my next single. The lyrics in the title come at the end of the chorus – “Accepted my truth and I chose me, over you.” I think it’s super powerful message for anyone who’s trying to get to know themselves again, after someone they loved had to change them. It’s a reminder that all the love you need is within yourself. Self-care and self-love, that’s what your happiness stems from and nothing else!

I’m also really excited about an EDM song I’m featured on with artist and producer DeModa! You can keep up with him on Twitter at @DeModa_Music – and be sure to follow him on Spotify and Apple music too, so you don’t miss out on our new project when it drops!

What advice would you give to other female singers/songwriters who want to be a musician while also being in school?

For me personally, throughout school, I always struggled with what I wanted to pursue seriously as a career. I had this great passion for music as well as design, and I constantly went back and forth about what I wanted to do! Then by the time graduation came around, I realized I didn’t have to choose, that I could both. My main advice is to not overthink your passions! Do what feels right and comes naturally to you. And if you have to spread your blood, sweat, and tears over multiple pursuits, it’ll all be worth! After all, you never work a day in your life if you love what you’re doing, right?!

What’s the best way for fans to follow you on your musical journey?

You can find me on pretty much all social media @EmmaRemelle! I share a lot of my visual content and covers on Instagram, but will also be releasing a lyric video for “One Last Drink” in a couple weeks on YouTube – so make sure to check me out there as well!

Can you list us ten artists and songs you are listening to at the moment?

Only 10?! Alright, I’ll do my best.

My summer playlist was pretty fire this year and one of the albums that made a recurring appearance was Ariana Grande’s Sweetener – “God is a women” was basically my summer jam and I still can’t get enough it! That and her cover of “Goodnight n Go” – by Imogen Heap. I still can’t get over the way she flipped such a classic song. Something I aspire to do for sure!

Check out the rest of her playlist below!



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