Field Report & Jade Bird: Philadelphia, PA 2018

Field Report & Jade Bird @ The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

Audience members were in for an exciting Saturday night at The Foundry at The Fillmore in Philadelphia on September 29th. British musician Jade Bird brought all her energy to the stage, and the crowd was just as enthusiastic.

First to the stage was Field Report. The set was acoustic, with just frontman Chris Porterfield performing. He captivated the crowd with his powerful voice and acoustic guitar. Even though it was just him, the audience was still excited to hear his music. At one point in the set, Porterfield commented that it was his wedding anniversary. If he had to be away from home on such a night, Philly was a great place to be.

Jade Bird was smiling the second she walked in front of the crowd. Everyone was extremely happy to see her, and she filled her set with new songs that haven’t been released yet. She also included a cover of The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which got the crowd dancing. She stopped in between songs to tell the audience how happy she was to be there, and the feeling from the audience was mutual. She smiled after every song she played, and her happiness radiated throughout the entire room.

Jade Bird finishes her North American tour later this week, before going on to play shows in Europe and the UK. Follow Field Report on Twitter (@fieldreport) and Instagram (@fieldreportmusic), and Jade Bird on Twitter and Instagram (@jadebirdmusic).

Field Report | Jade Bird

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