DROOL, Edge of Desire, Pynch & The Nectars: London, UK 2018

DROOL, Edge of Desire, Pynch, & The Nectars @ The Monarch in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Robert Alleyne

New Jersey punk band The Nectars played at The Monarch, London, on Thursday 27th September, after a short visit to the UK. At the same time, three-thousand five-hundred miles away Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanagh were giving testimony in Washington, DC. It’s hard to concentrate on music. I am emotionally exhausted and feeling a bit broken.

What Anita Hill would think would never happen again has come to pass only a few decades later and it feels like we have not learned a thing from our past mistakes. As I kneel to take my first photo of the evening my mind is distracted. Music is a tonic, yes. But what use is a tonic when the world is regressing around us?

The Nectars’ show felt like a small act of resistance. Their debut album, Sci-Fi Television, is a record full of energy and abandon; one that comes alive when performed live. Jess Kenny seems to channel each atom of vitality in the universe for her performance – she screams, she dances, and she moves with vigor. They force me to pay attention, even as my mind wanders to events I have no control over. It felt like The Nectars were screaming a big “fuck you,” to the world, they have inherited.

Songs like Don’t Panic, gain an extra bounce, “The firemen are coming and they’re saving their own families,” is a lyric which seems to morph and change meaning with how I feel at any given time. On the closing song (of the album and the night), Kenny screams the words to, Tired, “when everyone’s tired, I’m waking up wired,” and it feels like a call to arms.

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