Cooper & Gatlin: Nashville, TN

Cooper & Gatlin @ Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Kailey Sullivan

As with many venues in Nashville, Douglas Corner cafe is a spot of musical legends. Called a classic dive and hidden gem, the cafe has hosted many artists like Alan Jackson, Black Shelton, The Kentucky Headhunters, and many others. It is one of Nashville’s more intimate venues and was originally with the purpose of showcasing new singers and songwriters in Nashville.

Cooper and Gatlin are an upcoming pop duo from Franklin, TN. This brother sister group brought their chill vibe to the stage, combined with their pop sound created for a attention-holding show. Their sound is mature and feels advance in their years as a duo. Cooper and Gatlin could easily be on the radio and jump into mainstream music. Despite being sick on this particular Tuesday night, they settled in the vocals and killed it on each song. They drew a full crowd and the support for them was emphatic. Do yourself a favor and catch them in LA on the 17th of October. There are big things in their future, make sure you follow along.

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