Blackout Problems & Poets of The Fall: London, UK 2018

Blackout Problems & Poets Of The Fall @ O2 Academy Islington in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

Couple of days ago, on 11th October, I was on my way to the O2 Academy Islington to see the band I have been a fan of for quite some time – Poets Of The Fall – on their Ultraviolet tour.

When I entered the venue there was already crowd gathered by the barrier and with each minute it grew more. The show wasn’t sold out but it surely felt like it was just before the first band came up on the stage.

Blackout Problems, a band from Germany first time playing in the UK, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from. The crowd was just warming up and enjoying the first song but I have to say it wasn’t my favourite one and the fact that the band was playing in almost complete darkness with sporadic light flashing from sides, wasn’t helping either. After the first song ‘Kaos’ that was released just the last week I was left with mixed feelings but I was also excited to see what else they prepared for the show. The next song ‘Difference’ was much more up my alley, but I feel like I could say the same about the crowd as with each next song everyone was getting more energetic, especially when the vocalist came down from the stage and jumped over the barrier to sing with the crowd. Overall I liked the band’s energy and their performance that night and I would like to see them on a bigger and better lit stage.

After about half an hour break it was time for Poets Of The Fall. The crowd was so excited that everyone were shouting their name at least ten minutes before they meant to go on the stage.

Poets Of The Fall are an alternative rock band from Helsinki which was created in 2003 and achieved a lot since then.

On 5 October 2018, the band released their eighth studio album Ultraviolet for digital download. Their albums for years have been reaching top ten positions on numerous international charts and I assume the newest one will be equally successful as the previous ones, such as Clearview from 2016.

The first song that night was ‘Dreaming Wide Awake’ from the album Temple of Thought which surprised me a little as I was expecting them to start with one of the songs from their newest album. Next track that night was ‘Dancing on broken glass’ from Ultraviolet, which the crowd was signing to. I really liked the contact the band had with the crowd throughout the show and seeing all band members smile all the time was great. The show was well prepared with well lit stage and great setlist that included songs from almost all albums and had balance between slower and faster ones. Couple songs worth mentioning are ‘My Dark Disquiet’, ‘Daze’ and ‘Lift’ (my personal favourite) as these were in my opinion performed the best and those are the songs that kept the crowd energetic, singing and jumping from the first to very last second. This was a truly amazing show and, to be fair, one of the best I’ve been to but unfortunately close to 11 pm it was time for the last song. ‘Choir of Cicadas’ from Ultraviolet was the one to end the night but the crowd wasn’t ready to end the night yet for sure so they sang with the band at the top of their lungs and waved torches from the phones which was quite a spectacular ending.

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