RHYE & Your Smith: Phoenix, AZ 2018

Rhye & Your Smith @ Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luxicon Photography

This Tuesday night I walked into the Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ to a room full of chairs; a sight I’d never seen at that venue. The seats filled up about halfway by the time Your Smith took the stage and began her acoustic performance.  Her smooth, whispy voice filled the room and set a relaxing yet spunky mood.  She played songs from her Bad Habit EP as well as a cover of a Martha Wainwright song, a song unreleased as of now, and some singles put out under her own name, Caroline Smith.

As much as I did love the sound of her voice with just the acoustic guitar,  I do wish there had been a full band for at least some songs.  Some of my favorite parts of her EP are the synths and harmonies so some songs felt incomplete without them.  Her song Debbie was one of my favorites on the EP, but between distracting string noise and the chorus melody change I feel like that song just isn’t meant to be only acoustic.  I would love to see her with a fuller live sound to get more of the same feelings as the recordings.

Rhye entered the stage to see the seats filled and began their set with some soothing melodies.  Their sound varied from atmospheric and mellow to funky grooves and people began dancing out of their seats for their more upbeat songs.  The band was very clean and together and the songs melted together like one big jam session.  They ended the night with everyone in the room chanting along with “Song For You.”  It was absolutely a moment to remember.

Definitely be sure to check out Your Smith’s EP Bad Habit and Rhye’s latest album Blood on iTunes or Spotify.  Personally I’ve had Bad Habit stuck in my head all month and I’m not mad about that at all.

Rhye | Your Smith


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