Mallrat & Maggie Rogers @ The Van Buren in Phoenix, AZ

Review & Photography by: Luxicon Photography

Sunday night I had the privilege of seeing Maggie Rogers and Mallrat perform at the Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mallrat started the night off with a slow song easing everyone in with her soft voice.   Grace alternated between hopping and twirling around the stage for a couple upbeat songs and standing very still for the rest.  Her DJ, Denim hid behind her table most of the set until the last song when she came out to dance for a few seconds.  Their set sounded great but I would love to see them connect with their music and move around the stage more.  They ended their set with a song called Uninvited which had the room dancing and moving around more.

Once Maggie Roger’s intro music, “Dancing Queen” came on the room went nuts with excitement.  This was her first time performing and just being in Phoenix and we were ready to welcome her.  She opened with “On + Off”, “Split Stones”, and then a new song that has yet to be released.  Her set was a mix of pretty much all the songs she has out so far and some new ones I’m assuming will be on her upcoming album, which she excitedly mentioned would come out January of 2019.  Maggie was very at home on the stage filling it with her sweet dance moves, just being a complete free spirit.

After gracing all of us with her beautiful songs and voice for about an hour she claimed that “Fallingwater” was her last song.  Of course we all knew better and she was back on stage before we knew it.  She started her encore off with an a cappella version of “Color Song” that was absolutely stunning.  Who even does an a cappella encore? Her band rejoined her on the stage as she told the crowd, “Alright we’re gonna play ‘Alaska.’  You knew we would!”  Every person at the venue was singing and dancing along with her for the final song of the night.  When they finished Maggie made sure to introduce her whole band and they all took a bow.  One of my favorite live performances of the year for sure.  If you haven’t seen her live yet, go take care of that.

Maggie Rogers

Written by Veracious Magazine

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