The Browning, Attila & Eskimo Callboy: London, UK 2018

The Browning, Attila & Eskimo Callboy @ O2 Academy Islington in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

On Friday 19th of October, I had a chance to be part of one of the craziest shows I attended this year. Attila together with Eskimo Callboy and The Browning made sure that the night will be remembered by all the fans that came to see them that evening.

Opening that night were The Browning, a band from Kansas City. The band was formed in 2005 by Jonny McBee and later joined by rapper Matt Keck in 2009. However, in 2010 Keck left and in the upcoming years more members joined and left the band. On the top of this few changes in the style of music played by the band took place as well. Earlier this year The Browning released the song “Carnage” which will be part of their 4th album “Geist” expected to be released on 26th October so just in a couple of days!

When an unknown to me band entered the dark stage I immediately realised that I might be the only person that hasn’t heard them yet. The crowd started screaming which was followed by many crowd surfers. From their performance, I could tell that the band has a lot of experience as they knew how to use the stage space to the maximum. A song worth mentioning is “Pure evil”, clearly well known to every fan and apparently enjoyed the most too. One thing I noticed about the band is that they enjoy spitting water which from one side adds to the visual effect but on the other hand I might need to consider bringing a waterproof for their next show!

Up next were Eskimo Callboy, a band from Germany with pretty intense tour history. The band started their journey in 2010 and since then already played on stages in Russia, States, Japan, China and South Africa. In 2013 Eskimo Callboy were nominated by German Metal Hammer Awards in category ‘Up And Coming’ and actually won the award. Band’s newest album “The Scene” from the end of 2017 written over the course of 2 years is a good representation of Eskimo’s wild and reflective sides.

My first thoughts on Eskimo Callboy are that they really know how to throw a great show. The band had a significant amount of crowd surfers throughout their set, smoke machines going on for each song, and just like the previous band, enjoyed throwing water into the crowd. After the first song, I noticed that 6 piece band definitely needed more space as the stage looked really crowded. Songs like “The scene”, “Vip” and last the track “Mc Thunder” got some extra excitement from the crowd. The audience screamed, sang and jumped as loud and high as they could.

Attila, a band from Georgia was formed in 2005 however they have not started touring full-time until 2010. Attila has six albums under their belt, newest being ‘Chaos’ from 2016. The band over the years shared the stage with bands such as: Sleeping With Sirens, Stick to Your Guns, Chelsea Grin, Motionless in White, In This Moment and many more.

It’s been more than a year since I saw Attila play in London, and after last year’s show, I had high expectations. Attila’s set began with “Three 6” to which amount of crowd surfers increased to the extreme in a venue where it’s not actually permitted. All band members were very active and had great contact with the crowd, songs like “Party With the Devil” and “Moshpit” were really the highlights of the night. Fronz before going off the stage said that “London is in their top 3 favourite cities to play” and of course that wasn’t the end of the night as fans immediately started screaming for more songs. Attila after no more than 2 min came back to sing 2 more songs. “Pizza” was the one to end the show, and on another note, there was definitely more bras thrown to the stage during those last songs than the last year.

Keep an eye on what the bands are up to!

Attila | Eskimo Callboy | The Browning


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