Young Jesus & Ian Sweet: Toronto, Canada 2018

Young Jesus & Ian Sweet @ The Monarch in Toronto, Canada

Review & Photography by: Mohamad Agha

As I entered the venue at 8’o clock sharp, the opener, Young Jesus, was adjusting the sound levels of their instruments and making sure it was sounding clear. The fans started pouring into the dimly lit Monarch Tavern and sat down as they waited for the show to start.

To start off the night and to get the fans fired up for the main act, Young Jesus’ set was energetic and filled with quips, jokes and a few theories about Canada and the NBA and as it went on, the fans began to rock out to the music. As their set came to an end, and they began to play their final song, Young Jesus made sure to make a mark on the show and left the audience wanting more.

The wait for Ian Sweet was exciting, many of the fans attending the show were excited and anxious to see them perform in such an intimate venue. As they took the stage to perform, there was an uproar of excitement from the crowd as they can finally watch them perform. Their lead singer, Jillian, began by telling a story of what happened to them once they arrived in Toronto the day prior to their show and then began to perform songs from their older albums as well as their most recent release, Crush Crusher. The whole time throughout their performance the audience was roped in and were enjoying every second of the show all the way to the end.

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