Family of Geniuses & Hellogoodbye: Seattle, WA 2018

Family of Geniuses & Hellogoodbye @ Chop Suey in Seattle, WA

Review & Photography by: Jetsper Cubos

Hellogoodbye. The Californian-based band that formed in 2001, released their fourth studio album “S’Only Natural” on October 5th of this year. Hitting the road on tour a bit after the release, it spanned from 10 different cities in two weeks. Their first few studio album releases: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!” back in 2008, “Would It Kill You?” in 2010,  then “Everything Is Debatable” in 2013, and five years later “S’Only Natural” hits its debut and like its name, each song hits differently about individuality. Forrest Kline; the lead singer; and band has shape-shifted their indie-pop style that was popular in 2008 into something more mature for their growing fan-base in this album.

The bar/venue seemed too unfilled during the openers: Family of Geniuses, but once Hellogoodbye were up next; it filled as soon as they started. The set looked like an 80’s disco club: lights dimmed, a neon sign lit up “Club Forrest”, smoke machines, and sparkling robes covering the floor and instruments.

The crowd was silently waiting. The band members, and lastly Forrest came out with a smile. He welcomed the people to the concert like as if he was a show-host, he was very charming. I could tell the crowd already swooned for him. He got the filled venue to start swaying back and forth, while he was talking about Seattle and how much he loves it here. The first song straight from the latest album, “Honeymoon (Overture)/Honeymoon” felt very sweet and calming, as they played it gradually louder in the background.

The crowd felt more alive now that Hellogoodbye was on stage, and even Forrest himself mentioned it under his breath. The energy between the artists and people were present. Most notable, aged songs where everyone moved much more was when “Getting Old”, “When We First Met” & “When We First Kissed” were played next. The tempo and upbeat got everyone to start dancing in the middle of the crowd. Besides their older, loved songs, they played new records off their latest album: “S’Only Natural” & “Mysterious You”. They performed “Let It Burn”, which grooved with the crowd giving a nice 80’s vibe. Going back to a popular song of theirs, “Here (In Your Arms)” got many fans singing along to it in enjoyment.

Overall, the flow of all their song discography felt just right, the ballads, the pop, the indie. It’s all here. Even though the venue might have seemed small and hidden away in Seattle, they find a way to bring a great show again to the Pacific Northwest.



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