Wilderado & Sure Sure: Denver, CO 2018

Wilderado & Sure Sure @ Globe Hall in Denver, CO

 Review & Photography by: Angela Smith

 On November 3, 2018 the Los Angeles based indie band Sure Sure played to a sold out crowd at Globe Hall in Denver. The openers for the night were the Denver local band Whitacre and the LA outfit Wilderado. Whitacre started off the night with an energetic set that kept the crowd engaged the entire time. There were definitely some fans of local music in the crowd as it seemed as though a few people were pretty familiar with the band, and were singing songs back. Their songs seemed to be very rooted in personal stories and really showcased the skill of the Denver local scene.

Wilderado came out to a very dedicated crowd. During their entire set there were people in the crowd singing the lyrics to songs, and at one point people were even shouting them. The band did a great job of keeping the crowd engaged and impressed most everyone with their harmonies features throughout the set.

Sure Sure really showed why they were the headliner from the start of their set. Their super dedicated fans were jumping, yelling, and were generally super into the music right from the get go. Most of the people in the crowd were not at their first Sure Sure show. A few songs into the set, bassist Mike Coleman showed off a “u did a good job” medal stating that it would go to someone in the crowd who they felt did a good job.

While the lights were nothing spectacular, the band was overall very interesting to watch as guitarist Charlie Glick was always active, and there was a good amount of crowd engagement the whole night. Most of the songs in the set featured a shaker of some sort, with many having a few different shakers in different parts of the song. At one point in the set drummer Kevin Farzad has three cymbals on the same stand, and I really understood why Sure Sure can be described as experimental indie. Even when the band introduced a fifth member, a hammer named Ham Ham, I never once felt the energy in the room drop. In fact, the energy high point came towards the end of the set during the song “Hands Up Heads Down” which featured a dance move consisting of putting your hands up and keeping your head down. Overall, the show was full of great energy, and while the production of the show was very simple, all three acts were super interesting and were incredibly fun to watch.

Wilderado | Sure Sure


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