SuperDuper, Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Kasbo: Nashville, TN 2018

SuperDuper, Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Kasbo @ Exit/In, Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Kailey Sullivan

SuperDuper is a solo artist from Nashville and was the opener for the opener playing a 30 min set, setting the artist vibe for the night. Much like the headliner, Kasbo, SuperDuper is an electronic artist dabbling in mixing and dance music. In his short opening set, he became his music, flowing and dancing with the beats. SuperDuper joined Kasbo for a stretch of his tour and showed to be the perfect pairing as Kasbo’s fans seemed to vibe right along with SuperDuper’s artistry.

Opening for Kasbo was Vancouver Sleep Clinic. You might recognize VSC for the song “Someone To Stay” which has 15 million streams on Spotify. Although a solo project for the frontman, Tim Bettinson, he has accompanied him a synth player and percussionists. The Australian singer resembles a more pop/ electronic version of S.Carey. With airy vocals and strong electronic sounds, VSC has established is unique sound in the music world. Bettinson himself sported a baseball hat adding to the mystery of his music and person. He continually would break down into this dance jig, moving across the stage and losing himself in the music. Highly recommend catching VSC live if ever around your area.

Kasbo for real stole the show. A top concert experience personally. He was a solo act but accompanied by a guitar, cymbals, electronics, and a stellar screen behind him rotating mesmerizing visuals along with the music. His energy and vibe were contagious. At times it seemed like he was even conducting the audience, asking us to engage with him. Kasbo has done many collabs so far already in his career and you can hear the cross of genres in his mixes. Throughout his set he would transition from guitar to a digital pad up front, to his computer, to play cymbals, to dancing. The constant movement added to the flow of the visuals and the music to create a seamless show that you could stay in this pocket and totally vibe out to. I would see any show of his or that he is involved with again in a heartbeat. Follow along with what’s up next for him @kasbomusic.


Kasbo-, IG: @kasbomusic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic-, IG: @vancouversleepclinic

SuperDuper- IG: @superdupermusic




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