Trella & Billy Raffoul: Nashville, TN 2018

Trella & Billy Raffoul @ The Basement, Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Kailey Sullivan

The Basement is a particular place with a particular feel. To me, it feels like a small Irish pub you see in movies, but much grungier with probably less Guinness. It is an intimate venue with low ceilings and more stickers on the wall than you can count. For this particular night, the crowd was packed in tight and tended to be on the younger side in age.

Starting off the night was Florida- native Trella. This almost 25 year old has been writing and performing even before her first signing at 21. Her band for the night consisted of herself, a bass player, a keyboard player, and a “drumset” player sporting a percussion synth pad. Trella led us through her music on a pop electric, airy Lorde- like journey. She possesses a passionate voice and sings with compelling lyrics. She ended her set on the piano, revealing her voice even further and her talent for song writing. There are no current upcoming shows for Trella but take a listen to her over 2 million plays song “Retreat” and follow along with her on instagram @trellatunes.

Billy Raffoul is hard to mistake, for not only his unique voice but iconic hair. There could not have been a more perfect artist to go along with the vibe of The Basement. He played his first show in Nashville at The Basement 4 1/2 years ago and it was cool to see to crowd and fan base that he has drawn. His accompaniment for the night consisted of 6 pedals that made up what sounded to be a full band. His talent in coordinating the pedals and the combinations themselves is a talent in itself, second to his strong, raspy, rock ballad voice.

He commanded the room with his voice and long flowing locks. He marveled at the fact there were people in the audience singing along. Although Raffoul shouldn’t be surprised as he has over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and a top song with almost 9 million plays. Previously, Raffoul has opened for artist like Judah and The Lion and is currently on tour. He has 8 dates left on his tour, check them out at or follow along with him @billyraffoul.

Trella-, IG: @trellatunes


Billy Raffoul-, IG: @billyraffoul


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