AlithiA @ The Underworld Camden: London, UK 2018

AlithiA @ The Underworld Camden in London, UK

Photography & Review by: Bryony Murch

On an atmospheric November 5th, supporting Shining on the European leg of their Animal tour, this Australian 6-Piece, AlithiA, were hours away from lighting up The Underworld’s stage. Following the release of their latest record ‘The Moon has Fallen’ late October, this dynamic, experimental group of musicians had one goal in mind, leaving London in awe.

Eager and excited to hit the stage, one by one, AlithiA formed together in front of a gathering crowd. From native Australian, progressive sounds, alongside pronounced punk and indie chords, AlithiA captured the attention of all around them. Each member brought such a unique and individual sound yet worked in a harmonized presence.

Song after song, the emotion from AlithiA was heartfelt, meaningful and enriching which gained a personal connection between them and fans. Experiencing this show directly, I personally see a bright future and truly believe such distinctive music shouldn’t be left unheard.

If you have any moment where you want to experience a whole new genre, a kind of music that will leave you questioning, wondering and intrigued, AlithiA would be the first on the list. Catch them at a gig, support their music and enjoy encountering a whole new perspective of art and music.

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