Wild Rivers & The Paper Kites: San Diego, CA 2018

Wild Rivers & The Paper Kites @ House of Blues in San Diego, CA

Review & Photography by: Aili Hauptmann

Wild Rivers was a perfect opener for The Paper Kites, accurately matching the same mellow vibes put off by The Paper Kites. Wild Rivers may not have had flashy lights or a backdrop, but the melodic voices of singers Devan and Khalid more than made up for it. Their performance was entertaining and unique, managing to be distinct from The Paper Kites yet similar enough to match the sound and vibe of their set after. One of my favorite parts of their set was the harmonizing throughout the show, the two singers matched pitch while managing to compliment each other very well.

After Wild Rivers came The Paper Kites. The Paper Kites music is best described as a mellow and soothing band. Each song after another was more calming than the one before it. The stage presence of each band member was captivating, with everyone in the crowd being too entranced to pull out their phones to record the show. During the extra slow moments, you could only hear the sound of breathing around you, somehow making the songs seem even more melodic with a subtle note of eeriness.

The backdrop of The Paper Kites were two walls of lights on the side, and a nice gradient backdrop that changed colors. The backdrop changed with each song, matching the mood of the atmosphere and show. The backdrop matched perfectly to the entire show, with no bright lights distracting from the music of the band. Overall the entire show seemed very precisely curated in a way where each detail matched the next one creating an overall immersive and calming environment.  

The Paper Kites is still on tour! Make sure to check them out at the other dates they have planned in select US locations and in Canada! You can find their tour dates here.
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