Savannah Ré & Jessie Reyez: Detroit, MI 2018

Savannah Ré & Jessie Reyez @ St Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI

Review & Photography by: Rebekah Witt

Jessie Reyez’ ‘Being Human On Tour’ hit Detroit on November 12th. Jessie had another Toronto based singer, Savannah Ré, join her to open the show and warm up the crowd. She was fun and her smooth songs and confidence took the stage by storm. Savannah and Jessie make up a tour of badass women of color ready to take over the world.

Just after 9 o’clock, Jessie Reyez stepped out on stage, greeted by a sold-out crowd. Shortly after the tour was announced, she sold out The Shelter, where the Detroit show originally was. She then got upgraded to St Andrew’s and managed to sell that out as well. Fans young and old all joined together to sing and dance to the Colombian singer’s music. Opening the set with songs off of her newest EP ‘Being Human In Public,’ Reyez covered her face in a hat and hoodie, only revealing herself 2 songs in. She performed every song off of the latest EP, including an emotional rendition of ‘Sola,’ her first Spanish sung song. As well as her own songs, she also sang part of Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s ‘One Kiss,’ a song written by Reyez, and part of ‘Nice Guy,’ a song she’s featured in from Eminem’s latest album. As she played ‘Shutter Island,’ she put on a jacket eerily similar to a straightjacket, in honor of the chorus lyrics “my straight jacket’s custom made.” She closed the show with an energetic performance of ‘Blue Ribbon.’ Although fans walked outside to a snowfall, they left with adrenaline and happiness via Reyez’ enthusiastic show.

Jessie Reyez’ Being Human On Tour is almost completely sold out, aside from the London, Canada date. Make sure to check out to ‘Being Human In Public’ here. (Song suggestions: Body Count, Imported.)

Savannah Ré | Jessie Reyez


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