Abir & Kiiara: Dallas, TX 2018

Abir & Kiiara @ Trees in Dallas, TX

Review & Photography by: Juan Badillo

It was a cold Wednesday afternoon as Abir and Kiiara continued their tour and hit the stage in Dallas, TX. November 14th, 2018 the two talented artists were set to perform at the local venue, Trees.

Abir opened up the night and stunned the crowd with her amazing vocals. She was debuting her EP “MINT” which had just been released 3 weeks ago. One of the songs from her EP that had really gotten my attention was “Young and Rude”. I believe I remember hearing it in an advertisement and it gave me a small flashback. I really do recommend everyone to take a listen to it.

To end the night Kiiara really came out with full energy. She was jumping all around the stage while connecting with her fans and those are my favorite type of performances. She had a small moment during the concert where she played a tribute to Chester Bennington. Kiiara performed “Heavy” as she tried her best to hold back tears and it truly hit the soul. It was an amazing night and I really do hope to watch these two artists perform again in the future.

Abir | Kiiara


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