Sunset Sons, & Nothing But Thieves @ Alexandra Palace in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Daniel Landsburgh

Supported on this tour was Sunset Sons. Even though they had very different musical vibes, the crowd loved them endlessly. After the set, the emotionally charged crowd eagerly waited for the black curtain to fall and reveal the amazing lighting and stage up by Nothing But Thieves–Essex based rock band who played to a sold out show last week at Alexandra Palace.

NBT first kicked off their set with a few new tracks from their latest EP which one included What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way. Lead singer and guitarist, Conor Mason, asked the sold-out crowd who purchased their EP which made the room roar of screams and cheers. By the end of the first song, a mosh pit had already begun growing, and Conor even requested the pit to become bigger while screaming in the microphone, “Let’s have a real fucking rock show!”

If you weren’t lucky enough to check them out this UK tour, you can see them next year in 2019 where they already have confirmed date to play a show at Warrington’s Victoria Park. You can check out the band’s website for further information!

Nothing But Thieves



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