Eat Your Heart Out, Grayscale, Boston Manor & Real Friends @ House of Blues in Chicago, IL

Review & Photography by: Jenna Whalen

Despite the cold weather and blizzard on the way, the House of Blues Chicago was packed Sunday night. Closing out the end of the tour with a hometown show, the room was eager to welcome Real Friends home. But before reuniting with the boys in Real Friends we were able to enjoy three talented supporting bands.

Eat Your Heart out started the show off with an amazing stage presence. Though this band is a long way from home, being Australia, the crowd loved every minute of their set including myself. EYHO is actually the first female-fronted band I’ve ever photographed so I was very excited to shoot their set. Caito, the lead vocalist, was constantly dancing around the stage, lifting up the energy of everyone in the room, making the set really enjoyable to shoot and watch.

Next, Grayscale opened their set with TRACK ONE off of their album “Adornment” a crowd favorite. Immediately, the room began to shake due to the crowd dancing and jumping along to the song. Collin, the lead vocalist, expressed that he saw a doctor a couple nights ago and they suggested that he shouldn’t perform the last couple shows of the tour due to having strep throat. He was quick to say he didn’t listen to them and sure enough, he sang that night, giving his all to the crowd.

The last supporting band that night was Boston Manor may I add, one of my favorite bands to see live. The energy in the room shifted; just when I thought the crowd couldn’t get any louder they proved me wrong. Fans were crowd suffering the whole set, shouting the lyrics of every song they played.

When it was time for Real Friends to close out the night I felt so much love in the room. I can’t imagine how great it must feel to close out a US tour in your hometown. Though I’ve seen Real Friends countless times this was my first time photographing them, which I was more than happy to finally experience. The band came out on stage smiling ear to ear, thanking everyone for attending despite the terrible weather. I don’t think anyone in the room regretted attending the show that night.


Eat Your Heart Out | Grayscale | Boston Manor | Real Friends


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