Dance rock band, First in Flight, just released a brand new single today called, Never Alone. Veracious had the chance to speak with the guys regarding the new track and what’s next to come in 2019. Make sure to follow them on social media and our January issue for more coverage of them!

Interview by: Samantha Toy


You all just released a brand new single Never Alone today! Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the song; in addition, could you explain how you came up with the cover art?

The song centers around the idea that to escape disappointment or irrelevance you must become invaluable. You strive for an unforgettable perfection that does not exist. As we grow older, people follow paths down splitting roads and drift apart. By “playing the performer,” soaking in the applause, and breathing in the facade of endless acceptance, you believe you can somehow avoid this fate of being lost and forgotten. It’s clear that this is smoke and mirrors, but it’s so addicting you don’t care. The further you rise, the harder you fall, and you know that drop is coming… but for now, you dance to the baseline.

We outsourced the artwork and felt it gave a good representation of the above. A beautiful, seemlingly perfect flower bouquet, yet sitting alone in the dark, not in, nor out, of the doorway. The rest of the interpretation is up to you.

Can you explain more about your writing and recording process?

Pat brought 5-6 melodic ideas to the band, and this one stuck out. We jammed around and eventually drafted it. We recorded a rough production demo to hear how the song would work in a studio environment, adding all the extra synths and backup vocals. This demo made recording a smooth process because we knew every intricacy of the song and our parts. All we had to do is show up and hit record.

We decided to work with Dustin Smith again, who worked on Dalliance and operates Stillwater Studios. We split off recording into a couple days. One day for instrumentals and another day for vocals.

Everyone wrote and finnessed their own instruments, but David and Pat collaborated on synth parts, while David and Max helped Pat out with lyrics. Pat had to bring his vocal coach Iari Melchor into the studio because… have you heard that chorus? Those are some HIGH notes!

About how long did it take to create this track? 

Hard to say how long it ACTUALLY took in terms of the hours we put in. However, we’ve been working really hard for the past 3 months. We knew we needed a big release before 2019. We started writing together on it in August.

What came first for this song: the lyrics or the title?

Lyrics first. They always do for us. Pat goes through 5 to 6 to even 10 lyrical drafts per song, so he doesn’t like to constrain anything with a title. Letting it flow and a lot of scrap paper is how it all comes together.

Can fans expect an EP or a full-length album in 2019?

All we can say is that new music + new videos will be released in 2019. If you’re going to pay attention to us anywhere, it should be If you want secret content, you best get on our e-mail list too!  


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