Nick Gray, SuperWhatevr & Waterparks @ Alamo City Music Hall in San Antonio, TX

Review & Photography by: TJ Martinez

 Waterparks started with a bunch of favorites including “Peach”, “Royal”, and “Crave”. Awsten talked to the south Texas crowd about how excited he was that there’s probably an HEB nearby. After finishing up with a bunch of their upbeat tunes, Awsten asked the crowd, “Now that we’re all in a really good mood, you guys wanna hear a sad song?”. Very on brand with the Awsten Knight aesthetic.

He then said that “Take Her to the Moon” is his very favorite Waterparks song and started into the bop. The next few moments between the songs would prove to be rambunctious and wild much like the band themselves. Awsten shouted out security, noting that he could TELL they worked out, helped someone find their phone in the crowd, and last but not least- he shushed the crowd… so he could burp. The show took a sweet little intimate turn as Otto and Geoff left the stage for Awsten to play “Lucky People” on his own.

Much to my surprise, it seemed as everyone in the room knew the words and sang along to the entirety of the song. The boys soon after joined him back on stage to finish out the night with high energy!




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