Worry Dolls & Lera Lynn @ Omeara in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Guy Hurst

December is a tough time for regular gig revelers. Many artists hibernate in the studio working on new material, rather than braving a tour during the cold months of the year. So when news hit the streets that Lera Lynn would be performing at one of London’s newest and most intimate venues, a sold-out event would certainly be a sure thing. What’s more excitable is that The Omeara is the recent creation of Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, so from the stage, to the décor, to the bar, is an experience of something truly unique, located right in the heart of central London.

Joining Lera on the UK leg of her tour is London based indie-folk duo, Worry Dolls. Playing new songs and old, they had a huge response from the crowd as they listened in pure silence to fully take in the soft acoustic melody and blissful duets taking place. A favorite song would be a new one of theirs, Firefly. This song in particular had a beautiful build-up of vocals and instruments, whilst having soft and smoothing lyrics. A real crowd pleaser.

Last but not least, the main event. Lera Lynn. She opened her set to a hugely warm reception of Drive. This song was a unique experience to witness live due to Lera playing all her songs with a much more acoustic flavor, as she performed only with one other guitarist on stage with her, compared to a typical full band setup. Songs like this, and in fact other songs which her performed from her album Plays Well With Others, such as What Is Love and Breakdown, let me really understand how much of a musical talent she is. Lera’s enchanting voice alongside strong acoustic guitar chords really is a powerful combination. That, as well as her great relationship with the crowd between songs created a lot of love in the room. The benefits of a concert at an intimate venue!

The best moment of the evening would no doubt be Lera’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s Fire. Not just because of the performance to absolute perfection, but there was just so much soul and emotion coming from the stage form her voice alone. The slight cheeky smile at points shone through the crowd like a beam of light whist really cutting through with some hard lyrics. A truly magical evening, shared with some great friends.

Worry Dolls | Lera Lynn


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