Anytime Soon, Handguns, Story Untold & Makeout @ Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Kristen Zarra

Voltage Lounge hosted the last date of the Makeout 20/20 Winter Tour in Philadelphia, PA. The pop-punk band is made up of Sam Boxold (Vocals/guitar), Tyler Young (Guitar) and Scott Eckel (Drums). They brought along Story Untold, Handguns, and Anytime Soon opened for the Philly date. The venue is small and allowing the artists to really interact with the crowd and build up the energy throughout the night.

Despite the impending snow storm, fans lined up and filled the lounge eager to hear their favorite songs. Punk rock band, Anytime Soon, took the stage to kick off the show.  Handguns and Story Untold took the stage after, both bands brought high-energy and crowd interaction to their set. There was never a dull moment with them. While Makeout was setting up their set, fans excitement began to grow faster and faster. When their set began, everyone sang along and enjoyed the music. Makeout is a band that does not lose momentum while on stage, even during a “slower” song, the crowd remained engaged. Overall, the night was filled with great music, artists and fans.




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