DeAnte, Ari Lennox & 6LACK: Dallas, TX 2019

DeAnte, Ari Lennox & 6LACK @ House of Blues in Dallas, TX

Review & Photography by: Juan Badillo

Tuesday, December 11th, 6LACK continued his tour for his newly released album, East Atlanta Love Letter. Dallas, TX was his first stop in the Lone Star State. It was a cold chilly night but it couldn’t stop the huge line of his fans that waited hours for this sold-out show.

The rapper, DeAnte opened up the show and had the crowd going. His voice reminded a bit of emcee J-Cole and it honestly had me in a bit of disbelief. Following up his performance was Dreamville’s very own, Ari Lennox. She blessed the crowd with her soothing voice and majestic vocals.

To end the night, Atlanta’s one and only 6LACK finally came out and had everyone with a smile on their face as soon as he hit the stage. As a fan of him, it truly was such an amazing feeling because I felt a connection with the fans. My favorite part of the night was when he pretended like he was done with the show but came back out to his certified platinum song “PRBLMS”. This was honestly one of the best shows I’ve ever covered and truly hope to see him perform again soon.

DeAnte|Ari Lennox|6LACK

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