Point North, Hold Close, Sharptooth, & As It Is @ Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA

Review & Photography by: Gunnar Velten

Friday, January 18th is a day I will never forget, I drove about 2 and ½ hours south to Camarillo to see one of my all-time favorite bands (AS IT IS, A UK based Pop-Punk Band) this was their 3rd time ever in the USA, last summer for warped tour and then on Thursday January 17th (which was the first date of their Great Depression Tour) as I entered the venue (Rock City Studios) I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a small and intimate venue (which I ended up digging).

As the first band (Point North) went on stage everyone went crazy, they have a sound like no other, just so unique and different, I have been listening to them for a while now, and when I found out that they were on this tour, it made going to this show even more exciting. Trying to get good photos was hard due to the fact that the audience was primarily all young teenage girls, but it made me get creative on angles and on trying to figure out where and how I was gonna get good shots.

Next was a band that I haven’t heard of, (Hold Close) I always love going to shows with openers that I haven’t heard of, because that means I get the opportunity to discover new music, I was blown away by how killer Hold Close was, they are just awesome genuine people as well, they are a little bit different than the other bands on this tour, but that’s ok and it was great, I am forever a fan of hold close!

Next was a band that I couldn’t say that I liked, which was a band from Maryland called Sharptooth, they were the band that stood out the most out of everyone else because while everyone else was pop-punk they were hardcore (which I’m not a huge fan of) but man did they surprise me, when they walked out on stage I was shocked to see that the screamer aka the singer was this super short energetic girl, that blew my mind. When they started to play, I looked over to my friend (who was a huge Sharptooth fan) and started going crazy telling him how insane their energy was, they are definitely better live than they are on digital platforms, basically wait to see someone live before jumping to conclusion that you don’t like them.

Next and finally was AS IT IS which is who I was most excited for! I had been trying my hardest to get on this show to shoot it since early November so about 3 months, once I found out I got approved I was so stoked. When AS IT IS walked out on stage the hairs on my neck stood up, I was more excited than anything! The best part of their set was Ronnie one of their guitarists, every time I would hold my camera up to take a picture of him he would always lean in to my camera or do a funny, cool face, so he was very interactive with me and my camera which makes them more than just performers, it means they care about us and the photographers! When they played my all-time favorite song (Dial Tones) I put my camera away and was singing my heart out and was running around the venue jumping up in the air and just having a great time with that song. Seeing AS IT IS, was definitely a day to remember! I definitely recommend going to an As It Is show if you get the opportunity to!    

Point North | Hold Close | Sharptooth |As It Is


Written by Veracious Magazine

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