Austin Prince, Joan & Half•Alive @ Globe Hall in Denver, CO

Review & Photography by: Angela Smith

On February 2, 2019, Half•Alive brought their debut headline tour to Denver’s Globe Hall. Half•Alive’s US tour sold out before it started, and the crowd in Denver showed up early. The artist to take the stage was Austin Prince from Oakland, California. Prince got the crowd excited for the night with a mix of original songs as well as incredible covers such as Rex Orange County’s “Loving is Easy.” Prince ended his set with his original song “Sadie” and even brought out his tour manager, Kara McCall, in the bird costume she created for the song’s music video.

After Austin Prince was Little Rock, Arkansas’ Joan. The crowd was immediately into the set, with many singing along. Near the front, there were some longtime fans who helped keep the energy of the room high. Joan kept the crowd engaged by playing a mix of recently released songs such as “Drive All Night,” older and more well-known songs such as “Tokyo” as well as unreleased songs to look forward to. By the time Half•Alive took the stage, it was clear that this was going to be a great show.

Half•Alive’s set began with a white sheet and a projector. After the sheet fell and the intro to “The Fall” began, the energy in the room was electric. Fans sang the words to every song, including the recently released single “Arrow.” Mixed in with the songs, was dancing featuring the singer Joshua Taylor in the same style as the music videos for “Sill Feel” and “Arrow.” Throughout the set, the energy of the crowd didn’t drop at all, and by the end of the show, the energy of the room could only be described as sated. Half•Alive not only put on a great show but definitely made a connection with fans both on stage and by staying after to meet everyone in a line that wrapped around the room.

Austin Prince | Joan | Half•Alive





Written by Veracious Magazine

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