Craig Stickland & Hudson Taylor: Philadelphia, PA 2019

Craig Stickland & Hudson Taylor @ World Café Live in Philadelphia, PA

Review & Photography by: Emma Silverstone

On a chilly Friday night in Philadelphia, Irish duo Hudson Taylor warmed up the audience with their energy. The room at World Café Live was small, but the space was filled with excited people who were there to enjoy some incredible music.

Craig Stickland opened the show. Walking onstage with just his guitar, he encapsulated the attention of the people in the venue. Stickland performed a number of songs from his 2016 album, “Leave Me to the Wild,” as well as songs from an upcoming project. At one point in the set, while he was playing the piano, his foot pedal fell off the stage. Luckily, an audience member quickly came to the rescue and placed it back where it needed to be.

From the moment the guys in Hudson Taylor walked onstage, the mood in the room could be described in one word: euphoric. Everyone knew all the words to every single song that the group played. Some of the setlists included songs from their latest release, “Bear Creek to Dame Street.” One of the highlights was when the band performed “I Love You and You Don’t Even Know,” when the four men onstage gathered around a single microphone and delighted the audience with great harmonies. Later in the show, during the performance of “Battles,” guitarist Harry went into the crowd and jumped up and down along with the rest of the audience. They also walked into the back of the room and played a song during their encore, which gave the people at the back a chance to see them up close.

There was an assortment of instruments played by members of the group. Among them were the fiddle, recorder, whistle, and harmonica. It was hard to keep track of how often the musicians were switching from instrument to instrument, and this added to the excitement of the night. The energy was high at World Café Live because of the Irish group, and everyone walked out of the venue with a smile on their face. Follow Hudson Taylor on Twitter (@HudsonTaylor) and Instagram (@hudtaymusic).

Craig Stickland | Hudson Taylor


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