Burbank, California based singer, songwriter, and record producer – Cody Jay – has released his brand new single called “Love Game (Acoustic).”

“Love Game (Acoustic) is the stripped down version of the original track, and the 2nd single off of Cody’s upcoming album, “Play (Acoustic),” comments Cody Jay.

The song uses metaphors to describe a back & forth playful relationship between two people. Cody describes intimate scenes, painting pictures with his words and melody – honoring traditional R&B with a modern feel. The acoustic version sheds new light on the close, intimate feeling of the song – focusing more on the words and vocals, which contrasts the atmospheric, ethereal mood of the original.

Make sure to check out Cody’s other songs because they’re incredible! You can follow him on social media below for further music, shows, and more!



Written by Veracious Magazine

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